French Orange Social

Anyone in Toronto interested in a 1984 Mac 512K? Free, as-is. Pickup only, East York. It's just light enough to carry on transit.

I kinda need to know whether to hang onto it or Got Junk it by tomorrow, and I'll only be around till the 1st to give it away.

Boosts OK.

Greenish carrying case. An original-style Mac next to an open carrying case, which also has the keyboard and external disk drive (and the mouse, not seen). The Mac has a piece of tape with R.A.S.C. stamped on it. Back of the Mac with the rainbow Apple logo and the badge saying Macintosh 512K. A sticker says it's model number M0001 W and some technical boilerplate.

Also, I have my beloved 1987 Apple IIGS that I'd like to not send to the landfill. Same deal, only there's loads of software and a joystick and a modem and it's far too unwieldy to take on transit.

@giltay I wish I lived anywhere near that side of the country