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Checking out tarsnap for backup of my freebsd machine. It seems quite expensive, so I'm curious what deduplication and compression do.

@mecinus have you seen backblaze? .005/GB a month for b2 storage and combined with something like restic you can versions and snapshots

@rob Thanks for the pointer! I've heard about blackblaze, but never used it. Restic seems nice!

@mecinus I have a cron job that performs the backups, and another that cleans up snapshots. Very configurable, I went with something like: keep the last day, end of last week, end of last month and end of last year.

@rob Sounds nice! Right now, I use borg to backup to a FreeNAS server combined with an off-side backup. But I'm running low of storage space, so that's why I'm considering cloud backup.

@da @rob Restic + B2 it is.